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Auditing Services Orlando, FL

Accurate and organized financial records are essential to the overall health of a company. An audit can be a valuable tool for a business to maximize profitability and ensure that it complies with legal regulations. An audit may also be required to satisfy stakeholders or to value your company’s stock. The experts at Goodfellow & Company have extensive auditing experience in various industries and with companies of various sizes. We are committed to providing businesses in the Orlando, FL area with thorough, effective auditing services. We are one of the local area’s most trusted and reliable auditing firms because we go above and beyond to truly understand the full nature and circumstances of each individual client. If you are looking for experienced auditing service providers to ensure that your company’s financial statements are accurate, contact us today. Get in touch with a professional auditor near me:
  • • Volusia County, FL
  • • Seminole County, FL
  • • Orange County, FL
  • • Lake County, FL

Auditing Service Providers

Goodfellow & Company, CPA, Inc has provided businesses near Orlando, FL with assurance and auditing services since 2006. We work hard to getting a complete understanding of your business and its operations. We do this to ensure the most accurate financial reporting. With decades of experience and cutting-edge technology, we are able to offer high-quality audits that assist decisionmakers at the companies who hire us. Our goal is to improve the accuracy as well as transparency of your information to reduce risks associated with inaccurate financial information. It is easy to miss significant factors when performing an internal audit. That’s why it’s important to work with an independent, objective entity to get an honest assessment of your financial statements.

What types of companies need our auditing services and why?

  • Public Companies: The law requires all public companies to have annual audits conducted by an independent CPA firm.
  • Private Companies: The law does not require privately owned businesses to conduct audits, though their lenders may insist on receiving professionally audited financial statements. For example, when a company’s bank loan includes a covenant requiring a certified audit, they have no choice.

Additionally, companies involved in banking or insurance, as well as certain types of investment firms, may need to produce audited statements by law. Regardless of your legal requirements, an audit can be useful for any company. It can help you improve your accounting practices and ensure that your company is on track to reach its financial objectives. We will suggest improvements and help you understand what went wrong if we find mistakes in your financial statements. Work with one of the best auditing firms in the Orlando, FL area; contact Goodfellow & Company, CPA, Inc today and get an objective and effective audit from experienced auditing service providers.

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Auditor Near Me

Goodfellow & Company is one of Florida’s most versatile auditing firms. If you are searching for an “auditor near me” in Orlando, FL or the surrounding towns, you can rest assured that you’ve found the most reliable option. We’ve built a reputation in the local area for providing extensive and thorough auditing services that help businesses reach their financial goals, comply with the demands of regulatory agencies, and prevent errors/fraud when it comes to financial reporting.


Auditing Firms

What separates us from other auditing service providers in the local area is our commitment to producing comprehensive reports that businesses can use to make effective improvements and avoid issues. This is a basic outline of the process we employ when we provide auditing services to our clients.

  1. Complete Overview of the Business
  2. Review Records
  3. Review Accounting Systems
  4. Assess Risks
  5. Assess Internal Control Factors
  6. Produce Report
  7. Make Recommendations for Improvement

Contact us today in order to learn more about our auditing services or to schedule a free initial consultation. Get in touch with an auditor near me: call (386) 734-2622 or fill out our online contact form.

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