How much will it cost to do my taxes?

It is difficult to quote a price for tax work without knowing the complexity of the taxpayer's situation. Most personal tax returns average between $150 and $300; corporate and partnership tax returns average between $400 and $700. Some are less; some are more.

The more important question is: Why should you choose to do business with Goodfellow & Company CPA?

Our prices are very competitive with franchise tax office

such as H&R Block. Your choice is to choose a tax preparer who has as little as one month of training and to pay for massive advertising, or to pay for the kind of professionalism that you get when you come to one of our Certified Public Accountants or IRS Enrolled Agents. If you are in business, I believe your decision is simple and obvious—we are your best deal.

We charge by the hour, not by the form.

The fact is, all tax accountants charge by the hour. Tax accountants who charge by the form base their charges on the estimated maximum time required to complete that form. So if you are well organized, you pay the same price that a poorly organized client will pay. Therefore charging by the hour benefits those who are well organized. We prefer to do business with well organized clients, but we can handle whatever you bring us.

We will be here when tax season is over.

You will most likely have questions during the year that need to be resolved. We make it our business to meet the needs of local businesses.

We are pro-active, not aggressive.

That means we will work to ensure you legally pay the least amount of tax possible. Aggressive tax accountants make it difficult for you to sleep at night, because of the chances they make you take.

You will be smarter when you do business with us.

We will advise you on how to work smarter instead of harder. The accounting tasks that are required to keep your taxes low and effectively manage your business can be tedious and complex. We are happy to share our expertise to help you reduce the tedium and complexity, so you can concentrate more of your efforts where it counts—running a profitable business.

Free services.

We offer free e-filing, free direct deposit, and payment solutions (if you owe taxes).

We are confident you will agree that these are some compelling reasons to do business with Goodfellow & Company CPA, Inc. Please call today. Our phone number is 386-734-2622. We are eager to earn your business.